Transformational Prospecting

“Beyond Telemarketing”… Focusing on the most qualified prospects & clients.

Prospect selection – Sourced from quality databases and matched to your profile by:

• Geography
• Business type
• Company size and demographics
• Contact title and authority
• Market Sectors; NAICS codes and services/products offered
• Existing client locale and business services


Multi-prong marketing campaigns – Communications include strategically distributed:

• E-mails
• Social Media posts
• Postal mailers
• Telephone prospecting
• Referral campaigns”


Process Stages

  1. Research and compile the prospect database per the criteria established by the customer; demographics, geography, market, and titles
  2. Enter the database of prospects into a CRM
  3. Create the campaign E-mail messages; introductory, post call, & nurturing
  4. Train the tele-marketers and generate the script, & objection handling messages for qualified appointment setting calls
  5. Begin the introductory calls, brand messaging, & introductory emails to identified prospects; plus social media marketing for premium programs
  6. Appointment setting calls, email communications, & followups
  7. Systematic lead nurturing of target prospects via email and followup phone calls
  8. Appointment submission
  9. Post appointment tracking (optional)



All data, emails, and call notes are housed within a CRM ( and can be exported as required.

All email campaigns are distributed through an online email tool with detailed reporting.  Open rates, clicks, forwards, and bounces, are all used to guide the prospecting efforts and can be provided to the customer upon request.

(Optional) SMS will track post appointment opportunity progression if required.  This can help to demonstrate the appointment value, identify sales process weaknesses, and remedy communication bottlenecks.



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With over 20 years of business, sales, and consulting experience SMS is capable of serving many market sectors. We provide the field level support needed to generate results and grow your business. Other companies may provide appointment setting services; whereas SMS will partner with you to grow revenue.

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