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With over 20 years of business, sales, and consulting experience SMS is capable of serving many market sectors. We provide the field level support needed to generate results and grow your business. Other companies may provide appointment setting services; whereas SMS will partner with you to grow revenue.

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“Digital transformation” is the mantra in many companies these days, as leaders look to leverage technology to boost productivity and customer happiness, reduce bottlenecks and operating costs, and upgrade their security posture. Still, while large-scale disruption may be the desired goal, many new or small businesses must take an incremental approach when it comes to implementing tech solutions.
Fortunately, there are a number of simple tech solutions that can help businesses manage their workflows, analyze data, improve cybersecurity and more, all at a reasonable cost and without the need for a fully rounded IT team. Below, 14 industry leaders from Forbes Technology Council share their recommendations for low-cost, high-impact IT initiatives businesses that need to start their digital transformations on a smaller scale can leverage.
1. Invest In A Robust CRM
Implement a CRM tool that can standardize your client lists and workflows, automate communications and more. There are many amazing tools that are currently available, including HubSpot, BOOSTR and others. These tools have a low barrier to entry but offer compelling customization opportunities for each organization’s needs. - Amanda Dorenberg, COMMB
2. Implement Multifactor Authentication
In this age of remote work, implementing multifactor authentication should be at the top of every IT team’s list. Small businesses tend to be laggards in adopting new tech due to the costs of implementation and training. When it comes to MFA, the costs are low and the time to implement is minimal, but the impacts on your security posture are high. Check out Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator, which are free, as well as Duo. - Mike Murphy, IT GOAT
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