“STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS TO BUILD VALUE;” created, published, and distributed by SMS under your branding.  We do the work, but your company gains the exposure.

Personalized introductory emails and phone calls to position value

• Sales organization and individual value
• Product/Offer value
• Company value

Topical social media & email marketing communications

• Periodic communications to maintain brand awareness
• Success stories and case studies
• Industry sector news
• Company news

Beyond strategic appointment setting

• Targeted telemarketing synchronized with marketing communications
• E-mail & phone confirmations
• First call collateral (optional service)
• Post appointment marketing
• Follow up appointment setting
• On-going social media marketing (Option module)

Campaign messaging creation

SMS will develop messaging to be used in email, social media, and phone communications.

  • Messaging Bytes– Key product/service/company advantages and differentiators.
  • Introductory Communications – General company/product/service information to be used in the initial communications (both phone & email) with targeted prospects.
  • Post Call Communications– Detailed communications focused on specific business/product/service facets messaged during the introductory and appointment setting calls.
    • Product and/or service based.
    • Function or feature based.
    • Case study / success story.
  • Nurturing Communications – A series of feature & benefit communications and testimonials published on social media and sent out to prospects that are determined to be qualified, but cannot be reached, or are not yet ready to move forward.
    • Case studies and/or testimonials formatted into abbreviated success story emails.
    • Communications to be sent in a specific order.
    • Timed and repeated
    • Analysis of open rates over time used to determine follow up call scheduling.

All of the messaging communications are synchronized to our clients overall sales efforts.



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With over 20 years of business, sales, and consulting experience SMS is capable of serving many market sectors. We provide the field level support needed to generate results and grow your business. Other companies may provide appointment setting services; whereas SMS will partner with you to grow revenue.

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