Lead Generation Strategies From 10 Startups

6 November 2019
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How Edifius generates leads with Perla Humphrey

Perla is the Co-founder and CEO of Edifius, an AI software company which has a product called Simba. Simba is a machine learning AI conversational voice spot. The purpose of this machine is to pick up businesses phones and has a human-like conversation with the caller in order to answer leads’ frequently asked questions and schedule appointments.

Edifius is a B2B startup. The most efficient marketing channel that they’ve started to generate leads is expos and conferences; out of 10 leads they talk to, 3 or 4 of them signup to their platform.

How Kudo generates leads with Fardad Zabetian

Fardad is the founder and CEO of Kudo, a language as a service platform for enabling video calls, web conferences and in-person meetings, with live language translation. Businesses can speak with their partners, teams and remote employees in their own language. The purpose is to remove language barriers among businesses, save them time and create opportunities.

Kudo has a magical feature called a language elector inside the platform, which allows them to select the language to join the meeting.

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