How to use lead generation and content marketing to convert prospects into customers

9 October 2019
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In our daily lives, we are immersed in constantly changing flows of information and data. Just think of our Facebook wall, the Youtube channels we subscribe to, the news that flows through our TV screen…. As Kevin Kelly well notes in his latest book, “we are constantly immersed in rivers of notifications and updates.”

Our attention-grabbing ability fails to keep pace with technological evolution, which gives us access to an unprecedented amount of information. Disseminated in a variety of channels, and always at hand thanks to the different devices, we access a mass of data in the form of videos, words, and images.

In this changed scenario, even our ability to discern what we are interested in, which areas that we want to deepen our understanding or what we want to buy, is put to the test. How to understand what is valuable or what is not?

According to the classic models of the purchasing process that analyze consumer behavior to determine the basis of the consumer decision journey, the most critical phase is the evaluation of alternatives. In this decisive moment, many variables come into play that each play a fundamental role: from evaluating what motivates a person to buy to how a person perceives a company (which is driven by marketing), to the information that the consumer himself seeks out.

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