How To Make This E-Commerce Holiday Season Your Best Yet

Fall is only just starting, but for anyone running an e-commerce business relying on holiday season sales, it is time to get 2021’s marketing campaign underway. Some of the big players in retail have already started. Anyone shopping in-store will probably have noticed the first few holiday decorations being put up. Online, some leading e-commerce retailers are already publishing their holiday deals. Cutting through the noise will take a well-planned strategy.

E-commerce has never been more competitive. However, the market is also bigger than ever before. While e-commerce has been growing steadily for years, it has grown exponentially since the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year. Green Street retail analyst Vince Tibone told the New York Times that Covid “pulled forward five years of fallout into an 18-month period” for the retail industry. Leading retailers including Walmart, Target and Amazon reported staggering growth in their e-commerce business last year.

While some may have thought this expansion of online shopping and related services is temporary, a number of experts believe the shift to e-commerce is permanent. Walmart chief executive Doug McMillon said the company believes the shift in how customers shop is largely here to stay.

All things considered, this is good news for any e-commerce business: Growing markets and more customers mean businesses will flourish. However, as more retailers are moving online, marketing campaigns need to work harder to stand out.

Align Your Organic And Paid Strategies

Creating a successful holiday marketing campaign starts with clearly defined goals. Increased sales are not always the obvious answer. Raising brand awareness or boosting website traffic is just as valid and maybe better suited to your organization.

Organic and paid-for search engine marketing work hand in hand. Search engine optimization grows organic traffic, but it can take time to see results. Adding terms that are pertinent to holiday shopping can help a business’s rankings but may not be fast enough for anyone starting now.

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