How to choose the right CRM software for your organization

3 October 2021
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When the COVID-19 pandemic pushed B2B and B2C commerce online, customer relationship management software became an indispensable tool.

CRM products were once complex, monolithic systems and have evolved to accommodate changing work habits and IT strategies. CRM technology trends illustrate the importance of CRM strategies and careful evaluation of the software. However, the divided market between software and cloud services complicates how organizations choose the right CRM software. Sprawling feature sets and vertical bundles tailored to specific industries also increase these challenges.

CRM buyers should follow these steps as they shop for CRM software or cloud services.

1. Identify needs and priorities

Organizations can break down product evaluation into three major categories, each with multiple elements: technology and features, vision and roadmap, and deployment and purchasing models. Some criteria may conflict, so organizations should weigh it all to account for requirements and constraints.

Evaluations must start with identifying needs, including the following:

overall business processes and how customer outreach fits within them;

customer buying and communication preferences, with input from marketing teams;

sales teams’ processes, pipelines and needs;

the importance of sales force and marketing automation to achieve business goals and how organizations document and standardize processes for programmatic execution;

how customer service fits into the organization, requirements of customer service representatives and how customer service and support integrate with other business processes;

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