Fractional CMO

A permanent Chief Marketing Officer may not be the optimal choice in every situation.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to hire a Fractional CMO.

Revolutionizing Marketing Leadership: Strategic Solutions with Fractional CMO Flexibility

Strategic Market Solutions recognizes the diverse challenges faced by founders who lack senior-level marketing expertise in their teams or lack team members ready to assume the role of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in cases of employee leave.

Our innovative Fractional CMO services address these gaps providing a dynamic and cost-effective solution. Operating on a freelance basis, our Fractional CMOs are committed to maintaining the momentum and success of your team and marketing initiatives.

In the traditional organizational structure, the CMO serves as the primary marketing leader, focusing on long-term strategy. However, with today’s ever changing business environment, navigating uncertainties, and committing to a full-time marketing executive exclusively focused on future plans may not be the most pragmatic approach.

Enter the fractional CMO—an emerging and adaptive marketing role designed to tackle persistent challenges, such as C-suite executives taking leave or departing unexpectedly. Having a fractional CMO readily available ensures your organization remains resilient, steering clear of disruptions. Additionally, you can engage them for targeted projects, go-to-market strategies, or invigorating team-building sessions.

Our approach allows you to tailor their involvement based on your business needs, seamlessly scaling up during critical periods and adjusting down as required. At Strategic Market Solutions, we ensure your marketing strategies are agile and stay in sync with the evolving landscape of your business.

Benefits of Hiring a Fractional CMO

Hiring a fractional CMO is typically less expensive than hiring a full-time CMO, as the company only pays for the services they need. For startups specifically, who often have limited budgets, hiring a full-time CMO may not even be feasible.






Things You Do Not Get with a Fractional CMO

What to anticipate from our collaboration with a Strategic Market Solutions Fractional CMO?

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