Four Lead Generation Tactics For Your Website

19 October 2021
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Website lead generation starts with the homepage. After all, your homepage is probably your most visited page. A headline with a strong call to action (CTA) at the very top of the page is a good place to start. Now, “strong” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write something witty or smart. Something as simple as “Start Your Free Trial” can be compelling. Keep the headline and the CTA in sync with the rest of the content, including the images that you are using. The idea is to catch your visitors’ attention immediately.

Heatmaps and other analytics tools can help judge whether your homepage is working. Compare your bounce rates and engagement rates against industry averages to gauge how your homepage is performing. If you are confident about the first page of your website, here are other proven lead generation tactics that can work for businesses of all sizes.

Four Website Lead Generation Tactics

You have probably read this a hundred times before, but it still deserves reiteration: A/B test important elements of your webpages. For a dedicated landing page, that would primarily mean your CTA and corresponding images. Sometimes, changing the color of your CTA button can yield remarkable results. Together with A/B testing, here are four lead generation tactics to consider:

Opt-In Forms and Gated Content

Gated content is content that you offer to your visitors in exchange for them identifying themselves. A common example of gated content is an opt-in form that lets users start a free trial.

To fully utilize the power of gated content, see what pages of your website are getting the most amount of traffic. Offer something of value to visitors on these pages in return for their contact information. E-books or whitepapers are another example of gated content that you can offer to visitors. Let’s say you are a SaaS company. Using traffic analysis, you figure out that your products page is one of your most popular pages. Treat your products page as a landing page. Break it up into logical sections, highlight the best features of your product, and include a compelling CTA. Plutio’s landing page is a good example of this. The project management SaaS platform has highlighted its core features in separate sections, complete with images and unique CTAs.

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