About SMS

SMS offers “A Modern Approach to Business Development… Targeting Sales; not just appointments”


With over 20 years of business, sales, and consulting experience SMS is capable of serving all the marketing needs of B2B companies. From Website design to Online promotion through CRM Integration and ROI tracking, SMS is your one stop B2B marketing shop.

Strategic Market Solutions LLC (SMS) is result-driven, specializing in full spectrum business development for various business sectors.


Partnering with manufacturers to streamline operations and drive growth through strategic business development initiatives.


Supporting the legal and financial sectors with programs that continuously secure new clients based on past successes.

Sales and Marketing Companies

We boost sales and marketing firms with strategic implementation services to control costs and optimize revenue.


Collaborating with consulting firms to strengthen business development, attract clients, and achieve sustainable growth.


Selecting high-probability prospects

Strategic Market Solutions employs cutting-edge strategies to identify and engage with prospects most likely to convert, ensuring a focused and efficient approach to client acquisition.

Maximizing existing client REVENUE

Leveraging our expertise of the B2B space, we optimize messaging to unlock untapped existing client opportunities, driving increased revenue and long-term loyalty for sustained business growth.

Targeted new product sales

With a keen understanding of market dynamics, we execute targeted initiatives, ensuring the successful introduction and adoption of new products to the right audience.

On-line marketing communications

Our online marketing communication services utilize the latest digital channels, ensuring a compelling and resonant brand message that reaches and engages your target audience .

New business systems management

Strategic Market Solutions brings efficiency to your operations by implementing innovative business systems, streamlining processes, and fostering a sustainable growth environment.

PROGRAM management

From ideation to execution, our comprehensive program management ensures seamless coordination of marketing efforts, delivering impactful and cohesive brand messaging across multiple channels.

SYstems Integration

Our systems integration knowledge and programs will untangle your tech interconnections and ensure that your technology accelerates your progress.

Opportunity nurturing

With a focus on cultivating opportunities, Strategic Market Solutions provides nurturing strategies that guide potential leads through the sales funnel, maximizing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Web Marketing Services

Through TotalWeb Partners, a division of SMS, we can provide a full spectrum of web marketing services. Our team is comprised of technical, marketing, and process design experts who have all worked in the field, ran businesses, including many that even owned entities like yours. This breadth of real world experience guides offers that are easy to understand with defined and quantified deliverables.

  • Website Design & Build
  • Existing site upgrades
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Management
  • E-Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
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