A Data Framework Emerges for B2B Marketing Orchestration

16 December 2019
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At Bombora’s second annual Intent Event in September, I began noticing a developing trend among several successful B2B sales and marketing teams. No fewer than six presentations shared a common way of gathering, organizing, and perhaps most importantly, valuing all their sources and types of data.

This intrigued me. However, it wasn’t until I put this trend into the larger context of the industry’s move from automation to orchestration that the importance of this new data framework became clear.

The following outlines the data framework from a high level. Of course, a framework is one thing. How you use that framework is another. Due to length (and attention-span) constraints, I’ll address using the framework at a later time.

B2B Marketing’s Shift From Automation to Orchestration Is Affecting Data in a Big Way

Several influential B2B marketers have recently written about this shift. As Marc Johnson, CMO at Bombora, put it in his recent byline, “Marketing Automation Must Give Way To Marketing Orchestration”: “Orchestration means moving away from automating single tools and components, toward having all of the different marketing and sales elements running off of the same data and talking to each other …. It’s about actually aligning around what the consumer needs and what the prospect is interested in — while resisting the extraneous.”

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