8 Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation Results Today

16 October 2019
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For a majority of managed service providers (MSPs), lead generation can be a struggle. As a business owner, you might think you lack the time and resources, but there are a few easy ways to get started. Below, we’ve put together a series of tips to help with lead generation, regardless of your business size.

Create a Lead Generation Plan

The purpose of a lead generation plan is to create a list of potential clients and to determine how many clients you’ll need to meet your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) goals. First, consider your ratio of leads to closed deals. (For example, let’s say on average you close one deal for every 10 prospects.) Next, consider your average deal size. (Let’s say your typical monthly contract is around $2,000.) Now, use this information to calculate the number of leads necessary to meet your MRR goal. For example, imagine that your goal is $20,000 MRR. If your average monthly contract is $2,000, you’ll need to have 10 clients that month. If you close one in every 10 deals, you’ll need a list of 100 leads or more to reach your goal.

Want to focus on growth? Develop a lead generation plan that outlines the percentage of growth you’d like to see month over month. Then use the process above.

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